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One of the challenges when working in the public cloud is maintaining its security. The IaaS providers offer basic visibility and management tools that lack advanced functionality. This is why security in the cloud grows as an even bigger challenge as an organization continues to scale. Difficulty can also arise if a business lacks dedicated cloud security professionals and these responsibilities are distributed among CISO, DevOps, NOC, and SOC teams. At Dome9 we understand the need to enrich visibility with context-aware security intelligence. To gain these security insights, in addition to our security management and network visibility tools, we’ve created Magellan. Magellan is an advanced security product for alerting, querying, and visualization of network security and traffic in your public cloud environment.

In this 60-minute webinar, Dome9 will present a view of Magellan and its core capabilities. This will provide a basis as to the importance for businesses to visualize their network traffic, and the need for querying on top of that. This type of visualization enables your security team to identify directly if there is a misconfiguration in your network, malicious traffic on the horizon, or a possible security event that should be investigated in more detail. Additionally, we will show how to query on top of these capabilities, for more informed incident response and event investigations.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How network traffic visualization enables you to better understand your security configuration.
  • How to create queries and alerts based on network traffic.
  • How to look at VPC flow logs more effectively.

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