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The dynamic nature of the public cloud and its fluid perimeter can make even a single misconfiguration, such as an exposed S3 bucket, an easy road to data exploitation from a malicious actor with devastating consequences for your business. Securing data in the cloud to prevent accidental exposure can be challenging, and is often inadequately implemented, even by technically savvy engineers and security operators. The most effective way to secure public cloud environments is through end-to-end automation and continuous enforcement of a strict security posture.

In this 45-minute webinar, Dome9 will provide an overview of how the unique open-source CloudBots server-less framework allows the Dome9 Compliance Engine to automatically trigger a remediation function when a check associated with a compliance control or security best practice fails. Using this new approach, organizations can accelerate the resolution of dangerous misconfigurations and minimize the window of vulnerability within their public could environment.

This session will provide:

  • An overview of the CloudBots project
  • Demo on CloudBots deployment and auto-remediation
  • How to add-on and build your own CloudBots

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